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You Know You Love Me

A Gossip Girl TV Community

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xoxo, Gossip Girl
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The original and most updated community for the CW's hit series, Gossip Girl.

Based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City. The story is written by The O.C.'s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and directed by Mark Piznarski who has worked on series like Everwood and Veronica Mars. The main characters are Blair and Serena respectively, rich Manhattan rivals at a private school in New York.

GOSSIPGIRLTV is the original community for the hit TV series, GOSSIP GIRL. It was created by inretrospect and is currently moderated by chosenfire28 with help from 12thvampire & deathonstairs. The community is the most updated and active Gossip Girl community on Livejournal.

Kristen Bell ... Gossip Girl
Blake Lively ... Serena van der Woodsen
Chace Crawford ... Nate Archibald
Penn Badgley ... Dan Humphrey
Leighton Meester ... Blair Waldorf
Taylor Momsen ... Jenny Humphrey
Ed Westwick ... Chuck Bass
Jessica Szohr ... Vanessa Abrahms
Connor Paolo ... Eric van der Woodsen
Michelle Trachtenberg ... Georgina Sparks
Nan Zhang ... Kati
Nicole Fiscella ... Isabel
Amanda Setton ... Penelope
Emma Demar ... Elise Wells
Dreama Walker ... Hazel
Margaret Colin ... Eleanor Waldorf
Kelly Rutherford ... Lily van der Woodsen
Matthew Settle ... Rufus Humphrey
Susan Misner ... Allison Humphrey (Guest Star)
Robert John Burke ... Bart Bass
Sam Robards ... Howie "The Captain" Archibald (Guest Star)
Caroline Lagerfelt ... Cecila 'CeCe' Rhodes (Guest Star)
Madchen Amick ... Catherine (Guest Star)
Patrick Heusinger ... Jason Shuller / Lord Marcus (Guest Star)
Yin Chang ... Nelly Yuki
Wallace Shawn ... Cyrus Rose
John Patrick Amedori ... Aaron Rose (Season 2)
Sebastian Stan ... Carter Baizen
Desmond Harrington - Jack Bass
JoAnna Garcia ... Bree Buckley (Season 3)
Hilary Duff ... Olivia (Season 3)
Aaron Tveit ... Trip van der Built
Sam Page ... (Unknown Name) (Season 4)
Katie Cassidy ... Juliet (Season 4)
New Cast Member Additions

Updated 09/10.

1. Please keep general comments about the book series out of this community. If you'd like to discuss the book series, please visit gossipgirlfan or teenreading.

2. Please keep posts on topic with the TV series. On topic posts include: Cast information/news, TV show news, Icons/Graphics relating to the TV show; episode discussions; spoilers; et cetera.

3. As of May 2008, posts will be moderated. Please keep icons to the icon sharing posts, and please double check the community (by going back at least 1-2 pages) to make sure what you are posting hasn't already been posted.
---> If you are posting pictures that are from the same "set" that have been previously posted, you are more than welcome to post any new/unseen pictures to the community in a new post. But please make sure to keep duplicates to a minimum. They will be rejected by mods. :(

4. The community is public to members and non-members. However, there are several posts and "goodies" that are MEMBERS ONLY. Join the community to get all the goodies!

5. You will be able to find music posts relating to the show's soundtrack on this community. However, we also encourage you to join ggmusicthread in addition for full lists of songs and artists featured.

6. CONCERNING FAN ART - No icon posts or fan fiction posts are allowed in this community. General fan art posts are still allowed, as well as picspams and screencaps. However, for fan art of any kind - please head over to our sister community, ggtvmedia. The reason behind the banning of icons and fan fiction is so that readers can keep up with news and pictures instead of wading through numerous other posts. Thank you.

7. It is completely unacceptable to bash the actors and actresses on the show. The entire cast of Gossip Girl is fabulous and they all do a wonderful job portraying their characters. It doesn't matter if you ship Chuck/Blair or Serena/Nate. Any negative personal opinions about the actors will be cause for a ban from the community. It is also unacceptable to bash relationships. Just because you favor Chuck/Blair of Nate/Blair doesn't mean you have to be rude about Nate/Blair. This community is a place to dish about our favorite things and find news about the show. Any conduct that is negative and repeated will be a cause for being banned. Please be nice.

8. Submitting Entries - Please make sure than ALL entries submitted have a subject line. Our community has over 4500 members and is continually growing. With the upside of 15 posts a day, it is hard to keep navigation organized without subject lines. Any posts submitted without subjects will be rejected.

9. Have a question that isn't answered here? Never fret, Upper East Siders. gossipgirltv now as a FAQ section. [Click Me]

10. Got a suggestion or complaint? Tell the mods here.

11. Please respect the rules and have fun!

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