st_oswald (st_oswald) wrote in gossipgirltv,

Ménage à Trois Picspam Series Part IV


It's a story with which you're undoubtedly familiar: Prince Charming meets our heroine. He falls for her. His asshat of a sidekick/best friend barely tolerates the girl. Out of nowhere, the prince breaks up with the lovely lady and alienates himself from his friend. A sexual spark surprisingly blossoms between our heroine and the sidekick, who is still douchey but a surprisingly sexy one. The sidekick, now promoted as Love Interest #2, falls hard for the girl. The Prince eventually finds out and throws a tantrum. The girl and Love Interest #2 break up. She goes back to Love Interest #1, but may still have feelings for Love Interest #2. In this hotbed of betrayal and intrigue, the question remains: Who will our heroine end up with - the stoic good guy or the quintessential bad boy? After all, only one can win the girl.

( And the story continues... )
Tags: & picspams, fan art
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