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Co-Mods Needed!


So lately I've been seeing a lot more activity in the individual fan/ship communities and I would love to see this community come alive again. So I am looking for a team of mods to help do that, who love the show and want to get people excited about it again. There are 8,000 plus members here, lets start talking again :D

Moderators are expected to do the following:
- Make sure posts are approved and tagged appropriately. Also create new tags when needed.
- Post news about the show/actors/upcoming episodes.
- Monitor posts to make sure all spoilers are kept under a cut
- Respond to and answer questions members would have.
- Keep the peace if needed.

Previous mod experience is not required but a plus. If you are interested in becoming a moderator at gossipgirltv please leave a comment to this post with why you want to be a mod, any ideas you might have for the community, and if you have experience running things that as well.

Once a new mod team is put in place we will redo the mod posts, clean up the profile, and do a new header contest that is more current for the show!
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