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Ménage à Trois Picspam Series Part III


Ever so long ago there lived two best friends: an honest-to-goodness swoonworthy Prince Charming and a smart-mouthed manwhore of a dark knight who started off as a minor character but has since been promoted to romantic male lead. They were like the modern-day Achilles and Patroclus, Frodo and Sam, Danny and Kenicke, Maverick and Goose. They had each other's back, practically finished each other's sentences and drank each other's Kool-Aid. The almighty royal also had a beautiful girl that adored him - his sharp-witted headstrong leading lady. At first, she and the knight used their rapier wit to tear each other to shreds, but then she started to see a deeply wounded inner child behind his brazen bravado. In a cruel twist of fate, she was dropped like a hot potato by the boy of her dreams; and the promiscuous nihilist ended up falling hard for her, his best bud's first love. The two tried to hide their sexing relationship from the prince, but when he finally found out, a cock fight ensued which made the darling princess feeling woeful and conflicted.
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